Check Out Our Small Business Spotlights of 2023!

ColorBold Business Association is a business that works to give a platform to honor BIPOC entrepreneurs and non-profits, and give these businesses a platform to reach different communities of color. ColorBold provides free marketing during the month of spotlight, and interviews entrepreneurs to help educate future entrepreneurs who face similar barriers. ColorBold’s goals are reflected in their values; relationship building, education, resources, and collaboration. BIPOC businesses impact local communties by enhancing cultural vibrancy, supporting economic growth, creating jobs, encouraging inclusion, and strengthening local ecosystems. ColorBold’s annual Shop BIPOC campaign will be kicking off on November 9th, 2023. Click the link below to check out ColorBold’s services! 

Founded by Yaw Asare, Gold Coast Candy brings traditional African recipes to Appleton, Wisconsin. Asare was inspired by nkate cake, a traditional peanut brittle from his childhood in Ghana. Asare started by selling his brittle out of his home, and found a co-packer, Orson Founillier, in Oconomowoc who helped him pack his brittle and refine his recipes. This healthy, melt-in-your-mouth brittle can be ordered from the link below!


Located on 130 West Franklin Avenue in Neenah, Fox City Flix is a family run and friend inspired movie entertainment company founded by William Green. This company provides movie services for just about any event. Whether its a backyard party, sporting event, or an Oscar night party, Fox City Flix provides entertainment for you and your community.

Taperz is a black owned barbershop located on 203 N. Richmond St. Founded by friends K the barber and Wood the barber, Taperz serves its community through creating a safe and welcoming place for members of the black community all around Appleton. Canin Davenport, also known as K the Barber, gives back to his community through hosting annual back-to-school block parties, handing out school supplies, while also giving free haircuts. They are also involved with People of Progression, an organization with the goal of bridging the gap of racial inequities in the Appleton area.

The Cozzy Corner is a southern food and catering service located at 111 N. Walnut St. in Appleton, WI. It is a small, family-owned business, and one of the first Appleton black-owned businesses. Owner Natasha Banks, and her family, are Florida and Alabama natives, celebrating their culture through food.

“Coming from a large family and being so far away from home, I really missed my mom’s cooking and our social gatherings with family and friends. So homesick, I came up with this crazy idea to open a restaurant that would mimic my families love of music and showcase my mother’s recipes!” (Banks